It is so steamy on Symi today it feels more like sub tropical Durban than a small island in the Mediterranean. At three a.m. we were awakened by the patter of heavy rain on the tin roof - just as well we weren't sleeping out in the garden as we often do on hot summer nights! We put camp beds in the citrus grove with mosquito nets rigged around - a fragrant bower and considerably cooler than indoors. The heavy rolling clouds from the south west are thinning out now and the sky should be clear by tonight. The weather is expected to remain fairly unsettled though for the next few days with the possibility of more thunder showers later in the week.

The leaves are falling fast now and it is only the hardiest plants and trees that have any green to show. The picture below is from my garden. Prickly pears, olive trees and golden grasses. Although it is too hot for wild flowers and the poppies are long gone, there is still plenty of variety to please the eye. In the open terraces the fresh shoots of the caper bushes create lush patches of green but beware of the small hooked thorns. Every evening the kapari erupt anew with wonderfully showy pink and white blossoms pollinated by moths. They shrivel away to nothing at the touch of the rising sun, leaving rapidly swelling pendulous green pods.

A week or so ago I gave you a picture of a sheep nuzzling a kitten in a garden over on Mavrovouni. Well, said kitten is none the worse for its experience. Here it is playing hide and seek in the same garden yesterday morning.

Have a good week!


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