It is hot

It is a hot and sunny day on Symi. Cats' paws of wind dab idly at the water and the yachts have given up trying to sail - isolated masts meander across a silver horizon and vanish into the shimmering heat-haze.

It is hot. Hot enough for people to brave the jelly fish at St George and Nanou in pursuit of a little coolth. The thermal rising off the flagstones beneath our offices carries the aroma of vanilla ice cream melting in the eager hands of children.

The idea of walking up the Kali Strata in the heat of the day carries little charm - perhaps I will indulge in the bus after all.

Speaking of buses, it is still the trusty battered green one for the moment. The new one is so shiney out of the box that the plastic wrap is still on the seats!

Have a good week!


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