The heavy scent of orange blossom

Spring continues to accelerate. In many areas the yellow daisies are already waist high and the poppies are nodding in the barley fields. We had light drizzle this morning and it is still quite chilly but there are no really strong winds forecast for the next few days and the next likely rain will be around Tuesday.

It is quite unusual to have such a long period without dust storms at this time of the year but the air has been clear this week, pollen excluded. We are all sneezing - apart from the daisies, the oaks are also flowering and everywhere there is the heavy scent of orange blossom rolling over garden walls and through courtyards. The bees have so much to do they start long before the sun comes over the hill and the honey should be good this year. (see picture)

The eclipse was noticeable on Symi although we did not experience the complete blackout they had on Kastellorizon. It was more like twilight but from a strange angle and the temperature dropped several degree for the duration. The shadows became very sharp but curved as the angle of the light changed, rather like fish scales. The Proteus did a special trip to Kastellorizon and many of the island's school children went over with their teachers. Those children remaining amused themselves by whizzing up and down the island's roads on their motorbikes, doing wheelies and generally driving everyone nuts... (see picture)

The Symi has just come in, doing her first 'tourist run' of the new season. The twenty or so passengers who have just disembarked all appear to be locals... Maybe next week?

Have a good weekend,

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