Shredding lemon zest

I'm a day early as we are having to work round all the power cuts at the moment. Some are announced over the tannoy but others are unexpected, like the one at 2 o'clock when they replaced the transformer at the bus stop. Winter is the time for all kinds of maintenance including upgrades to the island's infrastructure. We can consider ourselves fortunate that they were able to spare a crew to do the work required here on Symi as many of DEH's workers are still repairing damage in other parts of the country caused by last week's ice storm. On Symi, where the pressurised water that comes out of the tap is dependent on an electrical pump to draw it from the cistern, power cuts also mean no water. Yesterday the electricity was off from 8 am until 3 pm which, as it was a cold wet day, was not pleasant for many of the island's elderly inhabitants who had to cope without heating. It wasn't just the elderly either - I went round to deliver some books to a friend at midday and he was reading in bed under a pile of duvets, saucepans strategically placed under the leaks in the roof!

Yesterday brought a strong easterly wind which cancelled shipping and tossed boats around Yialos like toys. It is quieter today but the front that is currently passing over Italy is expected to reach us at the weekend and gale force winds and heavy rain are forecast for Monday and Tuesday. At this time of the year the weather fronts are very close together and the spells of calm are short indeed. Definitely a time to be doing indoor jobs. I spent yesterday afternoon shredding lemon zest into big preserving jars of vodka - the first step towards making lemon liqueur for the summer - and bottling curry paste before the frost kills off the last of the chillies.

Only 8 weeks to April and the 'official' start of the season but there's still a lot of winter to go!

Have a good weekend.

The Symi Visitor

Photos: A fresh consignment of electricity poles arrives off the Proteus and the old transformer being removed.

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