The microclimates of Symi

Greetings from a clear but chilly island. It is at this time of the year that the microclimates of Symi start to become more noticeable. The inhabitants of Mavrovouni are basking smugly in T-shirts whereas those of us on the Kali Strata side of the harbour are snuffling in mummy-wrappings and doing jumping jacks to keep warm while waiting for the kettle to boil.

There is a weather system lurking in the wings which may be reaching us early next week but it is not expected to send more than a cloud or two in this direction. Other parts of Greece can expect some wet and windy weather. Temperatures are expected to remain below 20 degrees but there are no strong winds expected to make life colder.

It's not only the humans around here who are snuffling - receiving as we do thousands of emails from all over the world it is not really surprising our main computer went down with a virus even as we were downloading the latest antivirus software. With the Panormitis festival and a flurry of name days it is taking some time to get sorted out as the resources available here are limited at the best of times.

For a full explanation of why there could be a market for amphibious vehicles on Symi you'll have to wait for the December edition of the Symi Visitor, I'm afraid.

Have a good weekend.


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