It is still overcast and hazy

The storm finally blew itself out on Monday morning, much to everyone's relief. The sudden silence was startling but was quickly replaced by the sounds of feverish industry as all outdoor jobs resumed with gusto. The crew of the Symi are busy chipping rust, a sound which I cannot with any honesty say is preferable to the sound of the wind howling through the shutters, but at least it is a productive sort of noise! If we could just persuade them to bang in unison... The municipal 'cherry picker' is working its way back up the Vigla, repairing the Christmas lights they rigged only 10 days or so ago. Fortunately they are not actually connected up yet, just fastened to each lamppost round which they swung with the wind like insane weathervanes.

It is still overcast and hazy but gaps are starting to appear in the cloud cover and the sea is calm. Old plastic bags float like basking jelly fish and the gulls use bits of wood and polystyrene as rafts. It is uncertain for how long this lull will last as Italy is in the grips of another storm system and the weather is already deteriorating in the Ionian and Western Greece. As the breeze is from the south west it is not particularly cold and we could reach 20 degrees tomorrow with warm and humid conditions forecast for the whole country. All I know is that we have a great deal of work to do to get our ploughing finished and the winter crops in the ground before the days become too short and the temperatures too low for growth.

Have a good week. I am going home to plant onion sets!


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