It is a mild calm hazy day

It is a mild calm hazy day. Thin high clouds streak the sky and there is a slight chill in the air, as though it is raining somewhere not too far away. The forecast, however, is for fair weather until Tuesday when we may have another spell of thunder showers. Last Sunday's downpour has seeds germinating wherever moisture has pooled and a fine green bloom is appearing over the drought-brown terraces. The first cyclamens are already poking painted leaves through the leaf-mould in the shady places and squills are shoving their way through the packed earth on the rocky slopes above the motor road.

An army of black and yellow caterpillars, new hatched and hungry, is making short work of my caper bushes at the moment. Fortunately we cut the capers back each year anyway as they become woody with vicious thorns, so this is no great disaster. And it is a fact of life that one cannot have butterflies without caterpillars!

Have a good weekend.

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