The full moon is quite spectacular

It is still unseasonably cold in Greece and the sun is little more than tepid today. Evidently the beaches of Rhodes hold little attraction in this chill bluster as the excursion boat was full this morning. Visitors coming into our office to check their departure details are all muffled up and worrying about gale warnings and the charter yachtsmen breezing past the window are in full Round the Horn oilies. The angle at which some of the yachts heel over as the Nimos Channel blast hits them, they need them. While the sun may not be putting in much of an appearance, the full moon is quite spectacular and the same clouds that make the day so dull are quite dramatic scudding across the picture-book night sky.

It is expected to remain cold and windy for the rest of the week, until the wind changes to the south at the weekend, in which case temperatures should creep back up into the twenties. There may also be some rain showers.

The circuit court is in town, bringing with it the unusual sight of men in tailored suits, crisp shirts and discreet ties - lawyers over from Rhodes to attend the various hearings. This is where all the small cases, from traffic offences to 'noise after midnight' violations are tried, plus various domestic disagreements, boundary disputes and the like. The court is held in the ground floor of an old pension behind the pharmacy and as half the island is there has the air of a family outing. It is only the men in suits who add solemnity to the proceedings. So, if the next time you are on Symi, you see formally attired gents with briefcases striding about the place as though they have been beamed in from The City or Wall Street, the chances are good the court is in town!

Have a good week.


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