Yachtsmen are enjoying the steady winds

We are enjoying fairly settled weather at the moment with temperatures in the high twenties to low thirties, light winds and only the occasional streak of cloud and it would seem this happy state of affairs will continue for the next week or so. Yachtsmen are enjoying the steady winds, hikers are enjoying the good walking conditions and there seem to be clutches of painters and photographers dotted about in every suitable location. It is a bit quieter on the beaches as people are out and about doing other things. Certainly the walking books are marching out of the office at quite a rate!

The yachts in this morning's webcam shot have long gone and I am now looking into the cavernous hold of the Symi car ferry. Various tradesmen are still unloading supplies - mainly cartons of fruit juice and bottled water. There is a chap sitting on a little folding stool next to a bollard, straw hat over his eyes, fishing. Mike the harbourmaster is recumbent on the steps below our balcony, waiting for the Panormitis to come roaring in at quarter past one. Up by the traffic boom the health hydrofoil has been tied up since mid-morning, providing the various services for which the local clinic is not equipped. Now that things are not quite so hectic it is easier for people to schedule medical treatment and catch up on other things that keep being set aside.

With the children back at school the three o'clock bus from the harbour is no longer shared with inflatable crocodiles and water wings. They have been replaced by Barbie satchels.

Have a good week.

The Symi Visitor

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