It's definitely hot out there

The tottering thunderclouds have burned away and Turkey is a distant shadow through the heat haze. The Greek flag droops on the stern of the Symi moored beneath our balcony and the only waves are those generated by passing boats. Visitors passing through our office this morning have varied between the gently glowing and the positively florid - it's definitely hot out there.

Temperatures were in the low thirties over the weekend and are likely to remain high for the foreseeable future. With the falling humidity the old houses of Symi are starting to speak in the eerie creaks and moans of shrinking wood and cracking paint. Doors no longer seal and the glass panes in windows slide loose against the tacks. Ants stroll in and out through chinks that in winter were too tight to permit a sheet of paper.

Up in Chorio the road gang spent the weekend pouring tarmac and by Sunday evening had worked their way down from Pireotissa as far as the corner below Lavinia. Coming to work this morning, it looked really strange to see a smooth black road without potholes, trenches and various battle scars. I wonder how long the canvas will remain blank.

Have a good week.


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