Glassy tideless calm

It is warm and windless on Symi this morning. The sky is streaked with high whisps of cloud suggesting that the meltemi is blowing somewhere to the north of us. It must be cold up there as the sky is cross hatched with vapour trails. The sea has that glassy tideless calm that I have only ever seen in the Red Sea and the Mediterranean. To paraphrase a children's rhyme, when it is calm it is very very calm but when it is windy it is horrid! Small fishing boats are puttering back from checking their nets around Nimborio and Nimos and the yachtsmen are only just waking up. It is not unusual to see sheet-shrouded figures lying on the decks at this time of the year as it is way too hot to sleep in the cabins. More yachts are swinging at anchor in Pedi which is considerably cooler, even if there is the hassle of having to row ashore for dinner.

The little hire boats are finally in the water by the clock tower. They had great fun rigging the mooring buoys on Tuesday, a day when the meltemi passed through Symi rather than around! It is commendable that they managed to get the row so straight, all things considered.

The tarmac is just about complete - they are rollering the fine top coat now and as most of it is set firm it is quite springy to walk on instead of like fly-paper.

Have a good weekend.


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