Bleating sheep, tinkling goat bells

The meltemi brought some relief from the heat on Saturday but by Sunday the sea was once again a shimmering mirror surrounded by hazy hills. The summer-deciduous trees are losing their leaves quite quickly now and many plants are becoming dormant. Green and purple figs are ripening and the vines are a tangle of green against the brightly painted houses. The caper bushes form verdant islands on the brown and rocky terraces.

Animals are increasingly nocturnal and the night is punctuated by bleating sheep, tinkling goat bells, munching donkeys and cats on the prowl. In the day time there is little movement to be seen apart from the occasional startled lizard and even the human life is slipping into the slow rhythms of summer.

I am going home to water my tomatoes - and the frogs who have taken up residence in the relative coolth of my shade houses.

Have a good week!


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