A slightly eccentric large white catamaran...

There's a steady northerly breeze blowing across the harbour and a small yacht is swinging at anchor off Nos beach. The Symi came in by the clock tower today, just to keep us on our toes. Someone else is being driven mad by the incessant rumble of her generators... There is a big 3 masted gulet tied up on the quay outside the bank.

Symi Fish is tied up beneath our balcony and the road gang is on the last 100 metres or so of trench. The Panormitis has roared in and tied up by the bus stop. Things are pretty busy out there. Pity the webcam server seems to have gone out to lunch (probably pulling Christmas crackers with the retro version of our homepage that popped up over the weekend..!)

There is a slightly eccentric large white catamaran gliding in, of a design which I recognise from Israel 14 years ago. It has an aerofoil mast which pivots and acts like an additional sail and the accommodation is in both hulls, with just a trampoline between the two. A fleet of these catamarans arrived in Jaffa while we were living there. They had been built in Latvia, trucked through the then USSR and sailed down from Yalta in the Black Sea. The one which has just slipped into Symi has engines but the originals had no engines at all, not even outboards, but were so easily driven they were just like big Hobie cats. While not exactly built for ocean crossing, on a flat sea with a bit of a breeze they are pretty impressive. And go to prove that it is possible to have speed on the water without converting fuel, and money, into noise!

ERT, the state television which promoted Greece's Eurovision entry this year is very smug at Helena's win. Actually everyone seems pretty chuffed, even though quite a few think that Sakkis' song last year was better... I wonder if statistically women are more likely to win than men? After all, the last three years have all seen women come first. Some bean counter out there is probably keeping a record of this with a view to a doctoral thesis proving that women vocalists with dance troupes of handsome young men stand a better chance of winning Eurovision than handsome young men with dance troupes of pretty girls... (over to you, Ozzie Geoff, you're our trivia expert...)

Have a good week.


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