Cold Fronts

This may be the last report from me you read for a little while as I am off to South Africa next week to visit my family. This is, of course, assuming that I am able to get off the island to catch my plane on Thursday. The cold fronts and depressions are leapfrogging each other eastwards and we have not seen a ferry since last Monday. The satellite pictures show an evil procession of solid black clouds and the outlook is not good. The Greek ports have been closed for much of the week and many parts of Greece have had heavy snowfalls and flooding.

There are very few people about as no one has much inclination to venture out of doors unless absolutely necessary. It is difficult to identify those who do, muffled up as they are with hats pulled down to their eyes and scarves over their noses. It is not particularly cold, in fact today it is about 16 degrees as the gale is from the south-east, but the wind is laden with dust and salt spray. Visibility is down to a few kilometers and it is not possible to see beyond the entrance to Pedi. Nimos vanished some days ago but we assume it still somewhere out there. It was last seen with great white waves breaking against its rocky shores.

The dominant sounds are the sigh of wind in the trees, the scrape of branches against roofs, the singing of television aerials and power lines and the slop of water lapping over the quay in the harbour. In the Symi Visitor office one can add the rattle of shutters and the strange groans of ancient woodwork that make the old building sound like a wooden ship in a seaway.

All being well, I should be filing my next report on twenty second of February, if the boat runs!

Keep warm and dry.


Unknown  – (Wednesday, February 16, 2005)  

Hope you get away on calm seas -
Have a great time

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