Dancing till Dawn.

The view from Symi Visitor Accommodation on Friday.

The view from Symi Visitor Accommodation early on Monday morning.  The yachts are getting bigger as summer approaches.

Looking towards Pitini and Milos from the clock tower in Yialos.  The scar of the motor road connecting Yialos and Chorio is just visible near the top of the hill, below the windmills.

 Symi town hall, overlooking the Symi town square. The mayor's office opens onto the balcony with the flag, just visible through the tree.  The hill behind is called Mavrovouni - black mountain.

Ropes of garlic, plastic buckets and clay pots - if you wait long enough, sooner or later whatever it is you need will appear on a truck.

Heading down to Yialos to vote.  

A lovingly tended garden on the Kali Strata.

The bottom of the Kali Strata, looking up at the entrance to the Old Markets Hotel.
Walking down to work early this morning, Symi was very quiet indeed. The only person I passed was a German tourist from a charter yacht, wielding a large and impressive camera.  Those who had been up celebrating and dancing till dawn had just retired and the losers were probably planning their next campaign. Popular mayor, Lefteris Papakalodoukas, has been voted in for a fourth term in office with his New Horizons party.  He won by a fairly generous margin, bearing in mind that elections here are to some extent dominated by family affiliations.  We look forward to the successful completion of the various projects that are in the pipeline and the commencement of assorted new ones, EU funding permitting of course.  Our congratulations go to him and his council team.

It is a vaguely hazy day today with high cloud that is unlikely to turn into anything.  Temperatures are comfortably in the mid twenties but it is still quite cool in the evening.

Any of you on the island who are reading this, the Dodecanese Seaways Dodekanissos Express is leaving at 6 a.m. this Wednesday, considerably earlier than usual.  This does seem to be a one off change to the schedule but if you have a flight on Wednesday morning, you don't want to miss this as the Blue Star may well be too late.

Have a good week.


Anonymous –   – (Thursday, May 22, 2014)  

The Liverpool contingent caught the 6.00am ferry, and had all day until 6.30 to wait in Rhodes Town. Glen, who was flying on a slightly later flight to Manchester caught the later boat at 4.00pm and we met him in Rhodes as we were waiting to be picked up not far from the International Hotel. We would easily have made the transfer! Sad last day in Symi missed!

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