Bang on Time

The Blue Star Diagoras is away for maintenance at the moment so the smaller and nippier Blue Star Paros is currently serving the route. She is bang on time which has us all on our toes, accustomed as we are to the rather vague time keeping of the Diagoras which can be virtually guaranteed to be at least an hour late on Wednesday and Friday mornings.

The noddy train to Nimborio is back in operation, as is the horse and carriage. The van with the green stripe parked by the bridge is selling fish and yes, that is the back end of a rather large RIB on a trailer that you can see between the train and the van.  The main launching frenzy has yet to begin as the beach tavernas are not open yet so there are few places to go but in the next week or so the slipways will be very busy.

Looking across Yialos from near the bus stop.  

The Metropolitan (bishop) blessing the new stadium in Chorio - photograph courtesy of Peter Vidal.

The current Mayor, Lefteris Papakalodoukas, speaking at the opening of the new stadium.  Photograph courtesy of Peter Vidal.

Cheerleaders, Symi style.  Photograph courtesy of Peter Vidal.

Local youngsters. Photograph courtesy of Peter Vidal.

No event would be complete without a display of traditional Symiot dances in beautiful costumes.  Photograph courtesy of Peter Vidal.

Even the horses on Symi seem to live on a diet of oregano bushes when the grass starts to die back.

A few lingering poppies.
There was a big turnout on Tuesday evening for the official opening of the new stadium.  Everyone was impressed by the quality of the interior with its tiers of marble seats, sprung wood floors and panelling.  This is a venue that is likely to attract events from all over the Dodecanese and bring activity to the island, even in the winter months when we all hibernate as it can be used in all weathers. Thanks once again to Peter Vidal for kindly providing the photographs.  If you are a Facebook follower of Symi Visitor Accommodation you can find more photograph albums from other fans on our page.

The first round of the municipal elections takes place this Sunday, with polling stations opening at 7 a.m. (sunrise) and closing at 7 p.m. (sunset). Despite what it says on the fliers taped up around the town apparently all foreign voters are to vote at the Petrides School which is the one in Yialos, behind St John's church.

The long range weather forecast shows sunshine icons for the foreseeable future so unless we get one of those end of May downpours it looks like this is it now until the rainy season resumes in October.  Reports are coming in that the taverna at Marathounda is now open for lunch, although the taxi boats aren't running yet.  Nimborio is also open.  The taxi boats should commence operation next week, at which point it is feasible for the beach tavernas to start serving drinks and light meals, although they don't go onto full menus until there is enough trade to justify it.  As they are mostly running on generators and gas fridges it is not practical to carry a lot of perishable stock on a daily basis until there are enough people about to warrant it.

Have a good weekend.


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