Happy Reunions

Every afternoon, just after 2 p.m, when I get off the bus at Lavinia, the bus stop above Lieni, this small flock of dainty goats heads up the road for home.  A far cry from their grubby feral cousins up on the rubbish dump, these are probably the prettiest nanny goats on Symi.

A minor diversion en route.  With the on going economic crisis many Symiots are returning to their agrarian roots, particularly among the pensioners who are finding it increasingly difficult to make ends meet.  With a few hens, a rabbit hutch, a couple of milch goats and a small vegetable patch, one can, however, put food on the table.

An early afternoon view of Pedi with yachts sailing by in the distance.

Pedi bay at 8 this morning.  It was very still and hazy - a sure indicator of a hot day ahead. That ominous silhouette gliding past the entrance is the Border Patrol.

There are some expensive toys visiting Symi these days.

Fishing boats passing in Yialos early this morning. We now have a full line up of water taxis.  Note the nifty new Symi-inspired ticket booth on the right.

Low cloud blanketing Nimos this morning.

Another expensive toy.  If it did come all the way from Canada, you may be sure it made the trip in a crate on a much bigger ship!

A municipal employee whitewashing his way up the hill in the early morning.

An open plan layout in Yialos. This was one of the very few buildings in the harbour with an overhanging up floor and this wall which is now missing was timber.  Note the glass-fronted built in cupboards to make maximum use of space in what was essentially a one room dwelling.

We haven't had a Symi cat for a while.

The weather has changed to the still heat of summer with little breeze to break it.  Thunderclouds build up over Turkey in the afternoons and sometimes we see distant lightening but for Symi the long summer drought has begun.

The island is getting busier and we have already had our first recognised celebrity visitor - supermodel Naomi Campbell was spotted dining in Yialos earlier this week. She has been to Symi several times by yacht in recent years.  Our paparazzi-free status makes Symi a popular stop off for a little incognito relaxation.

The water taxis are now operating on a limited service and people are taking their own picnics with them to the beach until the tavernas start to open up.  At this time of the year many of Symi's overnight visitors are people who have been visiting the island for decades so there are plenty of familiar faces around and lots of happy reunions.

Have a good week.


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