Vivid Hues and Vertical Views

Chrysanthemums outside the Symi Flower shop this week.

Bright yellow nets on the quay, seen from the balcony of the Symi Visitor Accommodation office.

Bright yellow nets lighting up a lane off the Kali Strata.

Whoever chose the paint for the bollards in Yialos colour-matched them identically to those fishing nets.

No, it isn't the sphinx on the roof of the Stani patisserie next to the Symi Visitor Accommodation office. This time it is a man cleaning up the plaster work on the pediment of the tin smith's shop in Yialos which is currently undergoing extensive restoration.

Only a cat can explain why a narrow ledge is a better place for morning grooming than the terrace behind.

Lemonitissa church overlooking Yialos from the kastro.  That is the Vigla, the highest point on Symi, in the background. Lemonitissa studio and apartment are just to the right of the church, among the trees.

The goddess Pallas Athena (Minerva to the Romans) on the roof of a jewellery shop in Yialos.

The newly restored customs house is proving irresistible to pigeons.

For those of you pondering over the reference to access to a train station on the Symi listings for, this is the reality of that fanciful promise. Symi does not have a railway.  It has a noddy train that runs to the hill above Nimborio and back for tourists during the summer.  Singing along to 'Zorba' while clapping your hands to the music is optional.


October Observations

The view from the Symi Visitor Accommodation office this morning.  I never know what I am going to see when I open the French doors but this has to be a first.  See the next photograph for a close up.

An unlikely sight in Yialos on a Tuesday morning in October - or any other morning for that matter.

Monday morning was rather more conventional.

The Swan Hellenic Lines 'Minerva'.

Sunny balconies near the post office in the back streets of Yialos.

It is very quiet in the harbour.  I took this photograph in the late morning on Monday and apart from occasional promenading couples from the 'Minerva' there were very few people around.

It is even quieter up in Chorio.  Feral fowl stomping through the dry grasses, looking for bits to eat. There are now a lot of escaped poultry living 'off piste' in parts of Symi. They seem to have a symbiotic relationship with the dustbin cats and they all hang out together.

Remember the new bus stop bench in Chorio? Well something hit it recently, possibly even the bus, so it is now slightly wonky.  The two luminous orange posts are evidently an attempt to prevent a recurrence.
There's a chilly little northerly breeze whipping across the harbour and thoughts are turning to digging out warmer clothes.  The light is sparkling on the water and it is quite warm in the sun if one can find a spot out of the wind. The cafes have started shuffling about their plastic drop cloths and awnings to create wind breaks and sun traps. Day time temperatures are around 24 degrees and evenings are cool at 18.  The locals are snuggling under quilts and duvets whereas the last visitors, predominately sturdy northern types from Germany and Scandinavia, assure us that they are fine with just a sheet, thank you.

The winter ferry schedules have been released, in the case of the Blue Star up to March and in the case of Dodecanese Seaways until the end of December so we can make our own travel plans.  You can find more details on Andy's travel blog in addition to the links above. Andy is also doing his usual sterling research into flight details for how to get to Symi in 2017 from various points around Europe so don't forget to check his regular travel news updates.

Have a good week.



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