A Fresh Lease of Life

The bell tower at Panormitis Monastery

It is a bright and sunny autumn day on Symi. The temperature is 22 degrees but it is warmer in the sun, particularly if one can find a spot out of the breeze. This is the time of the year when Elpida’s and other venues on the north side of the harbour, facing the south, are popular for morning coffee when one comes into town to do errands. In the fortnight that I have been away the island really has slipped into winter mode. There are very few places still open and the harbour is quite empty. The last of the Panormitis festival hawkers were hanging about in the harbour yesterday, waiting to depart on the Ierapetra. The Proteus has done a few trips and has gone to Kastellorizon today. On Friday it is going to Rhodes and back and on Saturday it goes to Kastellorizon again. What happens after that remains to be seen as there is nothing scheduled beyond Saturday. The uncertainty of the Symi ferry service remains a source of concern for the islanders and everyone hopes that some solution is found before the next tourist season.

Small ferries crowding the pier at Panormitis.

A caique laden with fishing traps in Panormitis bay.

The long range weather forecast is unsettled with the possibility of showers and thunderstorms over the weekend. The combination of sunshine and light rain is a magical one for Symi’s plant life and everywhere one looks the landscape is lush and green – a complete contrast to the barren browns of summer. The citrus trees are laden with swelling fruit and the olives are plumping nicely. The shady places are blanketed with bright cyclamen leaves and in the gardens the flowers are enjoying a fresh lease of life.

The Panormitis Festival is as much a shopping experience as a religious one and carpets are always popular at this time of the year.

I am going to Rhodes tomorrow on business as there is no knowing when it will next be possible to do a day return.

A balloon seller sitting outside the pilgrims' cells at Panormitis monastery.

Today’s photographs were taken by Ged Horton at the Panormitis Festival on 8 November. For more photographs, please have a look at Out and About.

Have a good weekend.


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