Another Day

Another beautiful spring like day on Symi; the temperature is fluctuating between 14/28 degrees Centigrade and cloudless blue skies. The food stores are full of fresh vegetables, large green cabbages and cauliflowers. The Symiots' favourite herb appears to be mint, but a certain supermarket in Yialos is also now stocking fresh coriander and I am constantly being asked what recipes it can be used in. I have passed on my recipe for coriander soup and I am awaiting the feedback (no pun intended).

Sandori on Holiday

Sandori is in temporary accommodation until the modifications being carried out to his house in Chorio are completed. As you can see, he is not very happy with his new surroundings.

Mule Break on the Kali Strata

The mules are busy transporting building materials to the houses being restored on the Kali Strata; the drivers decided to let them have a swift break and they consequently took advantage of the rest area.

The Route of all Evil.
Nothing to do with Symi but I thought the following article, extracted from Natalie Haynes wonderful book “The Ancient Guide to Modern Life” was interesting, hope you think so.

Sparta had a lawgiver named Lycurgus, who conducted an attack on wealth, seeing it as an evil that made Spartans soft and prone to crime. He eliminated gold and silver coinage, and made iron the only valid currency assigning a very low value to it, so that the Spartans needed a vast amount to buy anything. And as Plutarch observes “Once this was made legal tender, many types of crime disappeared from Sparta. For who would set out to steal, or accept a bribe, or rob or plunder something which could not be hidden, exited no envy when possessed, and could not even profitably be chopped up”

Food for Thought.
Lycurgus also ensured that the men of Sparta all ate together in mess halls. No matter how wealthy a man might be, he would not be able to sit at home all day on a chaise longue eating the Spartan equivalent of violet creams.

Hope you enjoy (she will be back soon)

Ged Horton.

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