Watch the Grass Grow

It is a cool cloudy day on Symi with temperatures in the mid twenties. Light showers in the early hours of the morning brought a pleasant freshness to the air and with it the scent of damp earth, newly wet after months of summer drought. Widespread showers and thunderstorms are forecast for the whole of Greece over the next 24 hours and the Hellenic National Meteorological Service has issued warnings on Greek television as some areas such as Attica are prone to flooding. In the light of the recent fatal floods in Istanbul, weather forecasters would rather err on the side of caution.

Showery days might be bad news for beach goers but they are good for the cafes, shops and tavernas – as yet another autumnal shower sweeps across Yialos, shooing damp day trippers before it, there is the cosy hum of conversation and clink of chinaware from Pachos and the so-called ‘Comfy Chairs’ mingling with the sound of flowing gutters and hissing rain. A week from now this island is going to be so green it will seem like a completely different place.

Meanwhile , over at the Symi Art Gallery preparations are being completed for the new exhibition opening tonight. For the full details, please see the adjoining posting.

Have a good weekend. I am going home to watch the grass grow.



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