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Paul was born in Rugby, UK, in 1956. He studied Art at Reading and Leicester, and has been involved in Art education in north-west England since 1980.

A regular visitor to Greece, Paul now resides in Symi for part of the year.


Most of the paintings exhibited have been produced between 2003 and 2009, although several are much earlier. The materials used are quite traditional - oils on canvas, thin layers of colour applied in a series of glazes.

The work is Constructivist in style - an art movement that began in Russia after the First World War and led to the Bauhaus. The artists Gabo, Moholy-Nagy and Kudrjaschow have been particularly influential. Reference to architecture is evident in some paintings, while the grids are developed from the Golden Section - the universal law of proportion developed in classical Greece. The use of colour derives, in part, from a study of the stained glass at Chartres cathedral.

There are two elements at work in the paintings: a formal geometric structure, and an amorphous, intuitive use of colour and light, the aesthetic effects being the result of the colour being restrained by the structure. This can be further interpreted as the tension or balance between order and chaos.

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