Rumours of Rain

A marble profile of a Hellenic Hermes looks out on the Kali Strata.  Random fragments of Symi's antiquity have been recycled into all sorts of more recent structures.  The same areas of Symi have been in continuous occupation for centuries with the result that there are no perfectly preserved or abandoned ruined ancient sites as is the case in other areas where populations moved on to other locations.  Instead the stones were constantly reused and recreated, building new on top of old using whatever was to hand.

The view from the Symi Visitor Accommodation office as the Dodecanese Seaways catamaran passed through this morning, en route to Kos and points north.  Now that they have scaled back the schedule, this boat no longer comes through every day so always check the timetable in advance.  Otherwise you may find yourself in Halki instead of Symi!

A motor yacht pretending to be a trawler.  We have also seen motor yachts pretending to be battle ships and steamers.

Chorio cats.

The bougainvilleas are still putting on a brave show. 

Looking across towards Yialos from the clock tower, towards the bus stop and the Kastro (Acropolis) with Lemonitissa church looming over the harbour.  The famous Kali Strata steps start in the back of the harbour, a little to the right of the red-hulled yacht, and pass diagonally across that hillside. The point where I often stop to take my photographs of the harbour is just in front of the building on the top left side of the ridge in the photograph, where the Kali Strata makes a hard right turn, up towards the centre of Chorio.

Colour co-ordinated laundry in the harbour.

A luxury catamaran pretending to be a battle ship.

Pedi in the autumn sun.

Chorio chickens crossing the road.  What you can't see in these photographs are a rooster and a young tabby cat, both hiding in the bushes on the right.  The chickens joined the rooster in the bushes and the cat ignored them all.
It is a bright clear October day with a fresh breeze and lots of sunshine.  Temperatures are in the mid twenties and it is lovely in the sun.  This idyllic picture may be misleading because every forecast for the region is telling us that rain and thunderstorms are going to reach us at some point tonight and will only clear sometime on Sunday.  Even the BBC gave the Greek islands a mention in the weather bulletin this morning.

There is the happy buzz of conversation coming up from Pachos, the traditional Greek cafeneion downstairs.  It is has been a popular meeting place for decades, particularly if you prefer more traditional refreshments such as Greek coffee, frappes, Greek beer and wine by the carafe.  There are fancier establishments along the waterfront, with designer chairs and designer coffees but Pachos has served traditional drinks to Symiots and visitors since the war.

Have a good weekend.  You might be seeing some Symi rain photos on Monday!


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