Colour Coordinated Cats

Spotted on the Kali Strata earlier this week.  Note the mouse hole in the top right drawer.

The vines grow lush and green at this time of the year and the leaves are still tender and fresh for dolmades.

A colour coordinated cat.

The bottom of the Kali Strata with some more elegant cats.

It was just one of those mornings where everywhere I looked there seemed to be colour coordinated cats.

The view from the Symi Visitor Accommodation balcony on Wednesday morning - a returning fishing boat.

Sorting out a fouled anchor in Yialos.

The Symi Visitor Accommodation office with the Sunflower laundry below.  The Sunflower is the only laundry on Symi.  It is open 6 days a week and also provides a yacht service by arrangement so if you need to do something about those salt-encrusted towels, pop in and see us!  The famous Symi Visitor webcam is mounted on the balcony railing. That is Pachos, the traditional Greek kafeneion (coffee shop) to the left of the photo.  I took this very early in the morning so the boutiques on the other side were still closed.  Many of the shops in the harbour only open in time for the excursion boats which come in later in the morning.

Looking across the bridge in Yialos to the National Bank of Greece. The ATM is inside the vestibule.  The Alpha bank is further along the waterfront, about half way to the clock tower, and also has an ATM tucked away inside so as not to violate the island's strict architectural code.

Eating out on Symi doesn't have to be expensive.  The island has dining options to suit all budgets, from the humble gyros to posh seafood platters and gourmet Greek cuisine.  

Friday morning's view from the Symi Visitor Accommodation office.
It is hot and humid on Symi at the moment. We had some very light passing showers yesterday - the sort where you think 'Oh! It's raining!' and dash outside to bring everything in only for it to stop as soon as it has started, leaving a few splat marks in the dust.  Day time temperatures are around 30 degrees centigrade, dropping to around 22 degrees at night.  The humidity is very high at the moment so it feels much hotter.  The water taxis to the beaches are busy as anyone staying on the island who doesn't have work to do heads for a cooling day by the sea.

The island remains very quiet for the time of year.  After the day-trippers return to Rhodes in the afternoon Symi seems very empty in the evenings.  A rare cruise ship anchored off Nimborio yesterday and brought guests ashore in small boats in the late afternoon to explore the town. Apart from a few Greek and Turkish registered yachts and motorboats, the harbour is very quiet overnight, as is Pedi.

The Symi bus has now started its summer schedule so there is now a 3 o'clock bus up from the harbour and an 11.30 bus from Pedi in the evenings.  In the busiest weeks of August the last bus from Pedi is after midnight but that is still many weeks away.

Have a good weekend.


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