Bright Week on Symi

The pink bindweed is one of the last of the spring flowers to appear on Symi, lingering on into May.

An attention-seeking poppy.

The black plastic water pipes that snake along the roads and lanes of Symi are masked, albeit briefly, by verdant verges.

You are probably getting a bit bored with poppy photos but they really are splendid this year and in a few weeks they will be gone, replaced by dusty hillsides and scrubby brown bushes.

This is the first year I have seen taverna chairs being painted along our road but there is a first time for everything!

Petunias lighting up a shady terrace in Chorio.

The massive task of weeding and painting the Kali Strata has begun.

He has a long way to go!

The view from the Symi Visitor Accommodation balcony today.  Yes, those are rainclouds!
Easter was celebrated with the usual exuberance and a mixture of fireworks and enormous bangs, whether dynamite or fertiliser bombs I don't know.  To the best of my knowledge, everyone's windows survived the weekend.

The weather was lovely - sunny and dry with a cool breeze.  The clouds came back on Monday and we had a lingering thunderstorm with light rain overnight.  This is the time of year when North Africa and the Middle East are heating up and continental Europe remains cold.  The Mediterranean is right between the two so we get thundershowers and occasional storms as the hot and cold air collide over us. Amazingly we haven't had any red rain or dust storms so far this year which is quite unusual.  Temperatures on Symi and in Rhodes are still around the 20 degree mark so not really beach weather yet.

The Panagia Skiadeni is now operating day trips from Rhodes, offering a diversion for early season tourists staying in hotels in Rhodes who are looking for an alternative to shivering on the beach or by the pool.  This is good for the cafes and tourist shops that have opened up along the waterfront in Yialos.

Have a good week!


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