Symi in Late November

The wild cyclamens are up in my garden and all the shady places in the Pedi valley.

The Vigla was wrapped in mist this morning.

A damp and misty morning in the Pedi valley.

The Christmas lights are up in Lieni.

The new shops at Kampos are taking shape.  Although everything on Symi has to be built in the neo-classical style, all buildings have to meet earthquake specifications, hence the heavy reinforcing rod frame work.  When ruins are rebuilt they have to have concrete ring beams and lintels.  These strict building regulations apply throughout Greece which is why even though we have many tremors every year, damage is rare.

Not much happening in Harani or Yialos.

Although there still hasn't been any proper rain, the heavy dew every night is nourishing the wild seeds between the paving stones of the Kali Strata, turning the cracks and crevices into tiny gardens.

We don't get autumn leaves on Symi but the Virginia Creepers more than make up for it.

Christmas stars and ornamental trees in Yialos
Symi has definitely drifted into winter mode in the fortnight I have been away.  The plastic shopfronts have been rolled down, the tourist items packed away and the smaller Christmas decorations have been put up.

Temperatures are still quite mild for the time of year and there has not been a proper start to the rainy season so few people have done their autumn ploughing and planting.  According the forecast the weather should break on Sunday night with rain and storms forecast for all of next week, followed by a drop in temperatures as the wind then changes to the north.  At the moment temperatures are around 16 degrees at midday whereas next week they will be closer to 12, dropping to single figures at night.

Have a warm weekend.


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