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The view from the Symi Visitor Accommodation balcony early this morning.  As there are so few private yachts around the visiting flotilla was berthed outside the Alpha Bank this time instead of in a raft up by the bus stop.

The flotilla started to pull out at about 10.  As you can see on the right hand side of the photograph, the water taxis to the beaches are still quite busy.  There are still many British, Scandinavian and German regular visitors on the island.

The bowsprit of Hedon, a Russian-flagged iron schooner of great age currently adding some interest to the waterfront in Yialos.  There is a striking figurehead on the prow, representing some sort of winged creature, possibly a harpy, claws flared for landing.  My camera is no up to picking up the details as it is all too dark but you can see the outstretched claws just above the bob-stay chain..

Speaking of winged creatures, I spotted this little family on the verge in Lieni this morning.  

I hope that she is able to keep them safe from the local cats.  There is now quite an extensive colony of feral poultry living along the stretch of road from the old phone booth up to the dust bins at the first hairpin bend but this is the first time I have seen little chicks at this time of the year. Usually the hens go broody in the spring.

This is what happens to a black car when it is parked underneath a tamarisk tree in full bloom.  What you are looking at is a thick blanket of white pollen!

The weather continues mild and sunny as we head into October.  The long range forecast teases us with rumours of rain and thunderstorms which then vanish, presumably recalculated as passing to the north or the south of us.  Temperatures are in the mid to high twenties during the day and around 18 degrees at night.

On the ferry front, Dodecanese Seaways has now cut its service to Symi to the bare bones for October, not helped by the fact that the Dodecanese Pride broke down on Friday and won't be back in commission until Tuesday (tomorrow) at the earliest so this week's advertised schedule will be different to next week's. Fortunately the Sea Dreams seems to be continuing to operate until late in October, filling in some of the gaps on Tuesday and Thursdays when there will no longer be any Dodecanese Seaways connections between Rhodes and Symi. The November ferry schedule is not out yet but this should be a brief improvement as there is the lucrative Panormitis Festival on 8 November and there is a lot of traffic between Symi and the surrounding islands both in the run up to the festival and for the event itself. Of course the Blue Star continues to provide us with connections on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Have a good week.


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