Surf's Up, Symi Style!

A combination of low barometric pressure, storm surge and a full moon has resulted in high tides in the harbour. This is the slipway at the customs house in Yialos, as it looked at 8 this morning.


Looking towards the island of Nimos from the top of the Kali Strata this morning, you can see a fringe of white - in a strong southerly gale, such as is blowing at the moment,  Nimos becomes a wild lee shore with rocks and seething foam to rival Cornwall's northern coast.

The Symi cats have some competition in the cuteness stakes.

A crumbling and rain-streaked mansion on the Kali Strata.

This ruin near the Old Markets boutique hotel near the bottom of the Kali Strata has always intrigued me.  It seems to be a row of shops with accommodation above, now long fallen into disrepair.  The crumbling fragments of plasterwork and tangled remnants of wrought iron work suggest that it was quite a grand establishment in its heyday.  Symi's ruins encourage daydreams, which may be why so many writers gravitate to the place.

A lush corner on the steps.
Well, we have moved from one shipping ban to another and Friday night's Blue Star Diagoras actually only passed through Symi late on Sunday afternoon, heading for Piraeus.  As there was some uncertainty as to whether she would be able to stop in Symi, many truckers did not take the risk of loading goods on the boat so supplies in the shops still look a bit bleak.   Looking at her track on the excellent Marine Traffic website, the Blue Star has not actually reached Piraeus yet and she left Rhodes nearly 20 hours ago.  She is currently steaming past Naxos and is still a very long way from home.  Needless to say the Dodecanese Seaways catamarans were not able to follow their scheduled routes to Symi, Kos and beyond this weekend and there are several people on Symi who have had to reschedule flights in the hopes that they will be able to get off the island on Wednesday, assuming that the Blue Star will have caught up with herself by then.  There should be a brief lull in the wind midweek and then all hell breaks loose again on Thursday and Friday.  All in all, a typical February in the Greek islands!

Symi was featured in the Travel section of the British newspaper, the Sunday Times yesterday. For those of you who have seen the article, the ferry information given by Caroline Phillips at the end of the article is incorrect.  The ferry websites you need are the ones for Dodecanese Seaways and Blue Star.  ANES has not served Symi for several years now.  If you bookmark our Travel Blog you will receive up to date news on ferries and flights, indeed everything you need to know to get to Symi.

Have a good week.


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