A Typical August Morning on Symi

A cruise ship nosing her way into Yialos early one morning this week.

A typical August morning in Yialos, Symi  - yachts milling about while visitors queue up to board the water taxis in front of the Symi Visitor Accommodation office.

One of the many opulent toys to be seen on the Symi waterfront in August.

The kastro and acropolis of Symi with Lemonitissa church, as seen from the far side of the harbour.  The Symi Visitor Accommodation office is next to Pachos, the traditional cafeneion (coffee shop) in the yellow building on the far right of the photograph.

Lemonitissa Church, perched on the cliff above Yialos.  The Lemonitissa studio and apartment are among the trees to the right of the church.

Pedi Bay is still full of yachts anchoring overnight.

Shadows on a wall in Lieni, Chorio. The golden light of September is already creeping in.

Olives, prickly pears and citrus trees in an old garden near Kampos in Chorio.

Symi cats are fearless climbers.

Tinsel from an August party, tangled in a roadside weed near the Windmill restaurant in Chorio. It is months since we last had rain and the only plants surviving are those that receive incidental water from air conditioning pipes, washing machine outflows and the occasional scrubbing down of front steps.

A drift of  dry bougainvillea petals, swept into a pile by the wind.
Although there are still plenty of people still about, Symi is definitely quietening down and there were lots of people bumping their wheelie cases down the Kali Strata this morning.  This does not mean that the cultural life of the island has come to a standstill, however.  High season on Symi runs until the end of September. This weekend there is the opening of a new exhibition at the Symi Gallery on the Kali Strata and also the annual party at the monastery on the little island of Nimos.  The water taxis provide a shuttle service to take people over for the celebrations and once again the music and dancing continue until the small hours.  With many of the locals working in shops and so on until 10 p.m. or later at this time of the year, they can only get off work to join in these festivities very late at night.  The exhibition of Ged Horton's photographs at the Symi Dream Gallery higher up the Kali Strata is on-going.

A new exhibition is opening at the Symi Gallery on the Kali Strata this evening.  Stimulating conversation, thought provoking art and Greek wine - from 7 p.m. this evening.

Have a good weekend.


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