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The Sunflower Laundry and Symi Visitor Accommodation, dwarfed by the building that houses Pachos' cafeneion and various offices next door.  That white blob on the balcony is our famous webcam.  Entrance to the laundry is the one you can see in the picture. The entrance to our office is in the lane to the side as our little building is tucked in behind Pachos.  Pachos is open so early in the morning that I don't think I have ever seen it closed and I am often down by 7 a.m.!

Fishing boats, part of the view from my office window but seen from pavement level this time.

Symi's natural amphitheatre harbour is lined by rows of pretty neo-classical houses, built into the cliffs and accessed by a network of steps and lanes, the most famous of which being the Kali Strata.

The water taxis have cheerful new booths this year, based on Symi's neo-classical architecture.  The big three storey building in the background houses the Symi branch of the National Bank of Greece and a tourist shop.  Spiti Grand Helene and Villa Iris are on the hill behind, masked by the green street lamp.

Looking from water taxi and excursion boat berths towards the clock tower.  The big black anchor is one of the ones that used to be by the clock tower before the quay was widened for the cruise boats.

Lemonitissa Church, looming over the harbour.  The Lemonitissa studio and apartment are just visible through the trees on the right of the photograph.

Ruined shops near the foot of the Kali Strata.

An old shopfront about half way down the Kali Strata, this is now an artist's studio.  If you look carefully you can see a profile of Hermes, the Messenger God, above the central column.
First of all, I have been asked to put up the following message on my blog in the hopes that whoever the Good Samaritan was will see it:

"I would like to thank whoever it was that kindly called the doctor at Nimborio yesterday, regarding finding me unconscious.  The doctor and yourself saved my life.

Many thanks,
Carol Lane"

As Carol has no recollection of what happened between going for a swim and waking up at the clinic she does not know who it was who came to her rescue but she is very grateful indeed.

The weather continues unsettled with lots of low cloud and very high humidity.  Heavy rain and thunderstorms are forecast for both the Greek mainland and the Turkish mainland but at the moment we just seem to be on the edge of the cloud bank that is covering Turkey.

The news is that the new supermarket down in Pedi, near the Pedi Beach Hotel has now opened so there are now two shops down there. There is also talk that work is to resume soon on the new marina in Pedi.  Meanwhile the first big blocks for the new ferry dock just past the fuel station will be arriving from Rhodes any day.  When this project is completed the big ferries will dock there instead of at the clock tower which should reduce both noise and traffic in Yialos itself.

Have a good week.


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