Waiting Patiently

In a few weeks this lane will be bustling but at the moment everything is still firmly closed apart from the pizzeria at the end.

Waiting patiently to be let in.

In the summer this is a busy street with cafes and shops on both sides.  At the moment the only place open is Symi Tours, the shipping and airline agency.  Easy to spot at this time of the year as it is the only place with people outside it.

A steel rolling shutter, probably about a century old, but still functional.

The tinsmith is busy in his workshop, turning olive oil cans into useful household objects.  This is a rare example of artisanal skills being passed down through the generations. The young man learned the skill from his grandfather who was the 'tin man' when I first came here, 20 years ago.  If you see the shop open when you are in Symi, do pop in.  Dustpans, olive oil dispensers, lanterns and candle holders - he still makes the traditional household items that people used to use before the ubiquitous plastic took over the world.

A Dodecanese Seaways catamaran.  The ferry schedule for the summer is now available on line but there may be changes along the way, particularly for the peak month of August.

It is still very quiet on Symi. It is too wet for outdoor activities such as painting and preparing shops and tavernas for the season and in any case more rain is forecast for today and tomorrow.  This will be followed by high winds mid week and fairly low temperatures for the time of year.  It could drop as low as 9 degrees on Thursday.

The fish pedicure place next door to the Sunflower Laundry and our office in the harbour is now being transformed into a cafetiera.  The big sign that they had on the top of the building has been taken down so at the moment we have a fairly panoramic view, on that side at least. It is unlikely to last long, though, as it will probably be replaced by a new sign advertising the latest venture.

Meanwhile, in the Pedi valley, the lambs are fattening nicely for Easter on their diet of wild flowers, herbs and grasses.

Have a good week.


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