Spring Greens

Spring brings some interesting skies.

Nature turns old stone walls and ruins into wonderful rock gardens. This wall is covered with delicate ferns.

A hardware store and chandlery has suddenly appeared in the basement of this house in the back lanes of Chorio.

A pristine poppy.

Another natural garden in Chorio. 

Campanula growing in a gutter in Chorio

Pelargoniums in Pedi.

The magnificent Valonia oak in Lieni in spring finery.
I apologise for the absence of a blog on Friday.  I had to go to Rhodes to do various things and wound up being away from Symi for 3 days.

Symi is splendid in her spring finery at the moment.  The weather is mild and dry with temperatures in the low twenties and everything seems to be green and growing wherever one looks. There has been no proper rain for some time and it is now necessary to water plants and gardens.  We will be lucky if we have one or two more rainy days between now and October.

Down in the harbour there is a mass of activity as the day trips from Rhodes start a week today. Awnings are being hosed down and the air hums with power tools.

Have a good week.


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