Some Symi Sunshine

A Symi cat keeps an eye on things on the Kali Strata.  He probably has plans for that duvet on the washing line.

A quiet square in Chorio, just behind the old pharmacy.  Most of the windows on the island are heavily shuttered at the moment. The shutters serve the same purpose as double glazing and are essential for keeping houses warm and dry in the winter.  As they have invariably swollen in the winter rains, once forced open they are impossible to shut again.  Most islanders leave well alone and only start wrestling with them some time in April!

A few Carnival novelties outside the toy shop in Chorio.  This Thursday is Smokey Thursday, the last traditional pig out on meat before Lent and usually celebrated with BBQs.  In the past the municipality used to fund a communal party in the town square but in these times of austerity we don't have 'bread and circuses' anymore and those who wish to party must arrange it for themselves.

The south face of Milos, Chorio, shining in the winter sun.  A lot of the locals live in this area because it is warm in the winter and sheltered from the prevailing winds which usually hit the windmills from the other side. That land mass you can see behind the windmills is the island of Nimos.

Lemons in a quiet courtyard in Chorio.

Above and below - the big Valonia oak that is such a landmark in Lieni is sprouting new leaves several weeks earlier than usual this year as this February has been so extraordinarily mild.  There is the possibility of some rain at the weekend but temperatures are expected to remain in the 12-18 degrees range.

Pedi Bay was glassy calm first thing this morning, the only ripples from a small fishing boat heading out from Apostoli's in the left-hand corner.  Look at how green that grass is in comparison to the dry dusty beige of summer.
Have a warm, dry week.


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