Symi, Where Even the Laundry is Picturesque!

A photogenic washing line on the Kali Strata.  On Symi even the laundry is picturesque!

There is a cunningly camouflaged cat in this photograph of Yialos.

Spotted near some dustbins in Lieni. 

Moss defining the paving of the Kali Strata, the splendid stone staircase built in the 19th century by the wealthy merchants of Symi to connection the ancient village, Chorio (Ano Symi) with the more recent harbour, Yialos.

Citrus fruit in an abandoned garden on the Kali Strata.  Oranges and lemons are winter fruits and can withstand a fair amount of frost as long as it does not last too long.  Under irrigation they will bear fruit throughout the year but few Symiots have the water resources to be able to keep their citrus trees adequately irrigated through Symi's sizzling arid summers.

A cluster of 17th century windmills on the ridge of hills that divides Yialos from the Pedi Valley.  Some of these were still in use right up to the 1950s when it ceased to be economic to mill wheat on Symi and flour was brought in ready milled.  The wheat itself was mostly grown elsewhere, mainly on the coast of nearby Asia Minor as in the time of the Ottomans that is where the Symiots had their land holdings.

The view from my office window today.  The sky is murky and rain with thunderstorms is forecast for today and tomorrow.   The long range forecast is not looking good at the moment as there are storms and weather fronts all the way back to Iberia. It has just started raining as I write this.  The municipality has just started putting up Christmas decorations and there is a small synthetic Christmas tree next to the streetlight on the left, partially masked by the silver car.  The Kalodoukas caique, Agios Nikolaos, is lying at her winter berth, well off shore with several anchors and warps to withstand gusts and buffeting from all directions. 

Have a good weekend.


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