Autumn Leaves

Some very elaborate landscape terracing has been done between the Kali Strata and the Yialos and we are all waiting with some curiosity to see what wondrous garden will ensue.  The rainy season is the time to get plants in the ground here so that they have several months of wet weather for good root development before the searing summer heat.

Heading for the high school.  This path along the contour cuts out a lot of Kali Strata and is a popular route to school for the children coming up from Yialos.

Farewell photos of friends on the departing Blue Star or aiming for an early morning shot of the opposite side of the harbour?

The autumn leaves are falling in drifts and blowing into little heaps in the corners of the island's thousands of steps.

The view of Pedi is changing and becoming more interesting as clouds, hills and autumn light add different perspectives and colours to the landscape.  The overhead power cables are an inevitable part of most views in Symi, unfortunately.

Self-seeded Nicotiana growing from a threshold on the Kali Strata.

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