June Draws to an End on Symi

The water ship has become a familiar sight in Pedi recently as Symi continues to struggle with water problems this summer.

Over the hills and far away to the distant shores of Asia Minor. 
Pedi Bay with sails on the horizon.

This week we have seen quite a few motor yachts in Yialos.  Hulls are in pastel colours this season - we have seen sky blue above and primrose yellow this week.  Rose pink and willow green will probably put in an appearance too!

The heatwave has been good for the water taxis. They are very busy indeed.

The water crisis continues and the island is reverting back to the rationing system we last saw a decade ago, with limited supplies to each area in turn and houses reverting to using cisterns rather than mains.  For dedicated Symi regulars it is a return to the old days of showering in a basin and using the water saved to flush the loo.  For new visitors it may be a bit of a culture shock but we will all manage somehow.  Holidaying on a small Greek island will revert to being an adventure - and the tavernas should do well as with limited water in the houses who wants to be stuck with cooking and washing up with 3 litres of water?  Mind you, a simple meal of a loaf of bread, a few ripe Greek tomatoes, a chunk of feta and a handful of olives doesn't require much in the way of washing up.
Have a good weekend.

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