Some Postcards from Symi in May

The wild oregano bushes are in flower, an irresistible treat for butterflies and small copper-coloured beetles.

This may be the last poppy picture of the year as we have not had rain for several weeks now and the countryside is starting to dry up.  Weather forecasts show tantalising icons of possible rain but so far nothing more than a few drops have fallen, making patterns in the dust.

Looking up the Kali Strata from just above the Old Markets Hotel.  This was once the highway that connected the upper village, Chorio, with the commercial hub of Yialos, the port.  The houses are neo-classical mansions in varying stages of ruin and restoration.  The ground floors of many buildings were once shops.

VE Day is celebrated on Symi every year as this is where the surrender of the Dodecanese was signed. 
For more photographs and historic information please see the Symi Visitor Accommodation Facebook page.

Spotted these two local children on their bicycle, following the band.  For those of you who don't know. this is the view I have from the balcony of my office at Symi Visitor Accommodation.  We also have a webcam mounted to the railing so you can watch Symi harbour whenever you please (power cuts permitting, of course).

Dressed over all, the Hellenic Navy and the Dodecanese Seaways ferry
Back in the days when my husband and I used to sail, in such circumstances we used to enjoy putting up all the flags in the flag locker but these days yachts people don't seem to bother.  Rather a pity.


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