Autumn on Symi

An olive tree and some rather sunburned tomato plants in the Pedi Valley.

My apologies for this blog being posted a day late – we had a big day yesterday, preparing for and then attending the wedding of Joey Magowan and Dominic Lillicrap.  Photographs will be appearing on Out and About as soon as we have finished sorting and selecting them. The official photographs were taken by Neil Gosling of Symi Dream and will no doubt be available on the Symi Dream website too.

There is a distinctly autumnal feel to the air now and temperatures are more tolerable.  It is still good beach weather and the sea is warm.  The Ionian and Greek mainland are expecting heavy rain and thunderstorms this weekend but Symi and the rest of the Dodecanese islands should remain dry and sunny. 

Although it is now the middle of September the shipping companies still have not released the ferry schedules for October.  It seems as though ferry information will continue to be released in very small increments at very short notice.  A determining factor is no doubt the fact that the cost of fuel is very high and boats cannot afford to run at less than 70% capacity so they are no doubt waiting to see what demand is like. 

Have a good weekend.


The beach at Apostoli's taverna in Pedi.  

Looking across Pedi Bay from Apostoli's Taverna.  

Apostoli's boatyard in Pedi where they build caiques and fishing boats the old fashioned way.
If you look very carefully you can see a couple of canary cages in the tree on the right.

The Berlin - a big cruise ship that is visiting Symi today.

Looking across Yialos from the Kali Strata on my walk to work.

Anonymous –   – (Saturday, September 15, 2012)  

Door firmly closed in "my" house.It looks a bit sad and lonely...
Thanks for the update Adriana!

Jackie @TravelnWrite  – (Saturday, September 15, 2012)  

I continue to read your blog regularly and your photos continue to make me 'homesick' for Symi.

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