The Busiest Weekend of the Whole Year

Overnight yachts lined up at the clock tower. 
They will have to move to make way for the ferry in an hour or so.

It is the busiest weekend of the whole year in Greece and Symi is no exception. Yialos and Pedi are a gleaming show case of yachts of all descriptions, arriving and departing in a jumble of tangled anchors and harassed crews. As the Symi II has unfortunately broken down and the Dodecanese Seaways catamarans are very full, the shipping agents are very busy with trying to reschedule travel plans and find ferry connections that will meet flight times. A peculiarity of this year’s holiday trends is that more people seem to be island-hopping, believing that as it is a ‘bad year’ it will always be possible to find seats on ferries and affordable places to stay.

Washing drying on a holiday balcony on the Kali Strata. 
Note the fig tree growing in the ruin next door.

Unfortunately August remains August and it is never a good time to go island hopping with children and a tight budget. The excursion boats are full, the water taxis are busy, the bike and car hire outlets are juggling check in and check out times and when asked when anything is likely to be available, tell us the 25th of August. It is not for nothing that so many of Symi’s regular visitors, if not subject to the tyranny of school holidays, prefer to come in June, July and September. Those experienced visitors who have no choice but to come in August make sure that they book their accommodation and their bikes well in advance, book their ferry tickets on line and have sensible contingency plans in hand. One particular French family who have been booking their holidays through Symi Visitor Accommodation for years have solved the problem of the lack of a ferry from Symi to Rhodes on Monday mornings by chartering a yacht to take them from Symi to Fanes, the port near Rhodes airport on departure day. If the Symi II doesn’t come back into commission soon more travelers may be taking this route.

Chillies and Florina peppers in the Pedi valley.

Away from the hustle and bustle of the harbour there are some quiet places to be found. Although it is still extremely hot the humidity levels are high and we are experiencing night time dewfalls. Plants are starting to grow again, grass seeds are germinating wherever water is spilt and Symi is preparing for the second spring which often starts as early as mid September.

An elegant aubergine.

Have a good weekend.



Richard  – (Friday, August 13, 2010)  

Some people may be rude about the dear old Proteus but she keeps going at 37(?) years old. Perhaps it's time that ANES updated their "About" page to mention the present problems with Symi II. She is still on their daily programme page.

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