Delightful in the Sun

It is a breezy spring day on Symi, chilly in the shade but delightful in the sun. Midday temperatures are in the twenties and evenings are still cool. In the Pedi valley the lizards and snakes are waking up, sunning themselves on the warm stones but never far from the safety of hiding places in the old dry stone walls and terraces. In Yialos and Chorio feral cats are snoozing on sunny dust bin lids, delicately alert to the next interesting deposit to come their way. Looking out of my office window, a local fisherman is busy whacking an octopus against the quay to tenderize it. The Proteus is due in from Rhodes shortly so trucks are gathering on the dock. It is always a scramble on a Friday as the boat continues northwards and there is only a short interval in which to get passengers, goods and vehicles off the boat before it leaves again.

Other parts of Greece are still experiencing quite blustery weather and there is the possibility of showers and thunderstorms throughout Greece over the next few days with winds touching Force 8 in the Aegean. It might be sunny on Symi but the weather in the Mediterranean does not really stabilize until June so if you are visiting our part of the world in the next few weeks do remember to bring some warm clothes as well as summery things.

If you are on Symi at the moment, the local dancing school is giving a free concert at the convention centre at the Opera House Hotel at 18.00 tonight.

In answer to those of you who have emailed, asking if Symi is being affected by current economic crisis and strikes, life is still very quiet and undisturbed on our little island on the far side of Greece but if you are travelling via Athens you may see picket lines in central Athens if it is a protest day. The only strikes likely to affect visitors are those of air traffic controllers and taxis and these have been happening for years!

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