October on Symi

We are having an exceptionally warm October on Symi this year with midday temperatures hitting 30 degrees centigrade or more. Despite rumours of rain the month has remained dry so far and if anything those who booked their Greek island holidays for late in the season are enjoying better weather than those who came in mid September. Symi is humming with an interesting mix of nationalities at the moment as apart from the usual British, Scandinavian and German visitors who frequent the island at this time of the year, there are lot of Eastern European, Russian and Balkan visitors on Symi at the moment. As the tourist season is shorter in the Ionian, Sporades and Cyclades and in the more northern parts of the Aegean, late season visitors to Greece tend to favour Symi and Rhodes where things only really wind down completely at the end of October and the chances of good weather are higher.

ANES and Dodecanese Seaways have released their October schedules on line. There have been a few ferry dramas recently as the north bound Dodecanese Seaways catamaran broke down on Wednesday morning and no replacement was provided, resulting in the cancellation of the south bound routes from Symi to Rhodes on Thursday, Friday and Saturday mornings this week. As always we advise visitors to check with the ferry agents before travelling.

Have a good weekend and if you are on Symi don’t forget to visit the new art exhibition featuring the work of Jyette Loehr which opens at the Symi Gallery tonight.


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