Prestigious New Art Gallery Set To Open on Symi.

The island of Symi has long been known as a haven for artists. That reputation is now to be affirmed with the launch of The Symi Gallery on 7th August 2009 committed to the promotion of international contemporary art.

The Symi Gallery, located in an impressive neoclassical mansion on the harbour front, will actively involve the local artistic community of Symi in exploring the practical, emotional and intellectual aspects of contemporary art.

The inaugural exhibition entitled “Suns, Moons and other images of the Aegean” by the British artist, Haycox, will commence on the 7th August and run until 7th September 2009. Admission is free and everyone is welcome to attend.

Prospective exhibitors and anyone interested in the programme for Summer 2009, Winter 2009/2010 and Summer 2010 should contact the Artistic Director, Ian Haycox 0030-6946717851.

Artistic Director: Ian Haycox

Community Activities: Lynne Burgess

Design/Publicity: Jordan Blakesley


The Greek island of Symi is hosting the latest work of British artist Haycox. It will be on exhibition from 7th August 2009 at the newly opened Symi Gallery in the main harbour of Symi Town, Greece

All the work, including wonderfully coloured and richly textured paintings and montage, was inspired by and created in the Aegean islands during the last two summers. Haycox moved to live in Symi in1995 but has traveled and worked extensively throughout the Greek islands and these new works are all from the islands of the Aegean. He fell in love with Symi in particular and he presents unusual views of the island.

He says: “The island confirmed a change in my work from large scale paintings to miniatures, reflecting the thoughts and feelings the island muse had inspired in me. My previous work, including collaborations with other artists, is still of significance. This exhibition also includes one site-specific installation. I wanted to return to the roots of my art-making, and the intensity of my emotional reaction to Symi in particular is captured in these new paintings, which are at once brutal and fragile, simple and yet of profound implication.”

Haycox, born in 1950 in England, studied art at Rochdale, Edinburgh and Liverpool Art Colleges. Since 1974, he has had regular exhibitions in the UK and Europe and his work is represented in many public and private collections throughout Europe. In 1995 he decided to live and work in Greece, settling on the island of Symi.

The exhibition, entitled “Suns, Moons and Other Images From The Aegean”, will be open to the public every day from 7th August to 8th September. Opening hours: 11am-1pm and 8pm-10pm.

Exhibition Opening: 8 pm on 7th August, Symi Gallery, Yialos, Symi. Members of the press are invited to view the exhibition and meet the artist.

Further information and PDFs of Ian Haycox’s work available:

Phone: 6946 717851

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