Hot Pink

August is drawing to a close. The departing ferries are full as Greek, French and Italian families return to everyday life and reluctant children turn their attention away from beaches to books, from sand to satchels. Happy holiday snaps on Facebook and frequent peeks at the Symi Visitor webcams will have to sustain them until next summer.

As the nights grow longer Symi is starting to cool off and plants that have been dormant through the hottest days of July and August are starting to put on new growth. Geraniums are flowering once again and scented jasmines scramble over terraces and pergolas. Eye-catching bougainvilleas tumble over courtyard walls in great swathes of hot pink and mauve, vividly visible from across the harbour. Drunken wasps drink themselves into giddy circles on the ripening grapes and fat figs split voluptuously on tangled trees among the ruins of Chorio.

As there is very little natural grazing left on the island this late in the summer, lorry-loads of hay are arriving on the big boats from Pireaus to keep Symi’s livestock content until the onset of the rainy season at the end of October.

The bougainvillea in the pictures was photographed on the Kali Strata steps on the walk down from Chorio to work at Symi Visitor Accommodation early this morning

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Norman Askew  – (Saturday, August 29, 2009)  

Great photos Adriana, I always like that spot but usually only see it on the way down - in the eraly hours of course!

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