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A party of 18 Afghan migrants landed at Agia Marina during the night, comprising thirteen men, two women and three children. The boat in which they came across from Turkey capsized and many of the group lost their shoes so it was with bare feet that the some of the men made their way over the mountain to find out where they were. They explained in fluent English that the women and children were still sleeping up on the mountain and would be coming down at midday

Anonymous –   – (Saturday, October 11, 2008)  

That is why there were so many on the balcony of the police station on Thursday!!

Anonymous –   – (Sunday, October 12, 2008)  

Sat in a bar down the harbour two weeks ago looking at life, a truck drove by full of (afghan?) people.

Is Symi one of the major transit points for migrants?

Unknown  – (Wednesday, October 15, 2008)  

Many of the Islands in the Aegean Sea, are either an official or unofficial entry points into Europe.

Illegal Immigrants, Asylum Seekers and Economic Migrants as well as Tourists arrive on Symi regularly. Often in groups of more than 50 at a time!

Observing the regularity and number of fresh faces that sleep on the steps outside the police station it is my humble estimation, the number of arrivals through the illegal and difficult route, during the course of a year, is possibly more than the total resident population of the island.

Personally I feel great sympathy, for anyone who goes to such measures with dreams of a better life.

The thought of being capsized into the sea and then walking barefoot across the sharp rock of Symi, with no idea of what lays ahead for you, makes me appreciate the life that I have.

Anonymous –   – (Thursday, October 16, 2008)  

2hot, we couldnt agree more!

Looking at the faces of the migrants when they sat in that lorry made me realize how lucky I am.

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