A Stormy Week

A wet weekend has turned into a stormy week. Water is pooling on the terraces and seeping through the walls of the old stone houses, making patterns in the ochre tinted asvesti. Luminous green moss gleams between the stone flags. Whenever the clouds part rainbows arc briefly between land and sea.

The forecast is a wintry one, with falling temperatures, strong winds and precipitation in the form of rain or snow. The barometer is so low the fishing boats in the harbour are above street level and the sea is sloshing through the gratings.

Some of the shops in the harbour were flooded in yesterday’s downpour and there was a lot of mopping up going on at 9 o’clock this morning.

Although the island certainly needs a good wet winter to counteract the effects of an abnormally hot summer, the frustration of not being able to get on with things is taking its toll. Workmen sit fretfully in the coffee shops while the rain floods the building sites. The houses of Symi are not big and finding somewhere out of the way to hang wet washing is well nigh impossible.

Have a warm dry week.


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I sailed into Panormitis Bay, Symi, by chance one windy July day in 1993 and have been here ever since. The locals tell me that this is one of the miracles of St Michael of Panormitis. A BA graduate with majors in English, Philosophy and Classical Civilisation, the idea of living in what is to all intents and purposes an archaeological site appeals to me. Not as small as Kastellorizo, not as touristy as Rhodes, Symi is just the right size. I live on a small holding which my husband and I have reclaimed from a ruin of over-grazing and neglect and turned into a small oasis over the course of the past 22 years. I also work part-time for Symi Visitor Accommodation, helping independent travellers discover and enjoy Symi's simple pleasures for themselves.

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