Temperatures are rising as Greece heads into a heatwave. The whole country can expect sultry weather over the next few days, with possible thunderstorms and downpours over the mainland. Part of Thessalonica is still without power after the lines where knocked out by a storm yesterday. This morning Nimos was draped with low cloud and thunderheads are building over the Turkish coast. Windy weather around Force 6 on the Beaufort Scale is expected in the Aegean and Dodecanese for the next few days, combined with high temperatures, so there is a forest fire warning.

The Aegli has just come over from Rhodes and will resume its scheduled service, much to everyone’s relief. That extra hour can make all the difference between being able to make the Diagoras airport in good time and having to leave Symi the night before.

We are all getting used to the new bus but it is a bit alarming having something that size trundling up and down and round and round from 8 a.m to 10 p.m and there have been a few close calls already as it is that bit longer and fatter than the old bus for round the harbour manoeuvres and tight bends.

Have a peaceful weekend.


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