Tina Smithson

We are sorry to report the recent tragic death of Tina Smithson in a fire in Paris.

Tina was a regular and frequent visitor to Symi for over 15 years and was godmother to many children on the island. She was a good friend and will be sorely missed.

Memorial Services in London and Symi will be announced later.

Anonymous –   – (Saturday, March 17, 2007)  

Tina was a dear friend and she spoke so lovingly of Symi and her many happy times there. I've not yet visited Smyi but I will do soon to experience the happiness Tina found there.

Anonymous –   – (Monday, March 19, 2007)  

I worked with Tina and soend a day in Symi with her in August 2006. Such a tragic loss to us all. My firm will and do miss her greatly.


Anonymous –   – (Monday, March 19, 2007)  

I am sure like me, everyone who knew Tina would have been touched by her generosity of spirit.Tina was a lady who had a huge personality and the gap she has left will be impossible to fill.My sincere condolences to her family and her many friends.

Anonymous –   – (Monday, March 19, 2007)  

I was a client of Tina's and was devastated by the sad news I received last week. Tina was at all times professional but was also kind genuine and reassuring. Any details about her memorial service would be greatly appreciated.

Tracey Cooper

Anonymous –   – (Tuesday, March 20, 2007)  

As a client of Tina's I only met her on 2 occassions as I am living and working in Beijing. However I never failed to be impressed, not only by her total professionalism, but by her kind and caring nature. Sometimes I may not have liked the answers I got, but I knew they were honest truth. It can't have been easy dealing with a client 5,000 miles away, yet at the same time treat me as though I was her personal friend. Such a sad loss to me and I'm sure may others. My condolences to all who knew her and her family in particular.

Anonymous –   – (Tuesday, March 20, 2007)  

Tina brought a smile to everybody who knew her. There are no words to express the sadness at the loss of Tina. Working with Tina was a pleasure, Tina was a very generous, bubbly, thoughtful and caring lady. She will be sadly missed and we send our sincere condolences to Tina's family and friends.

Anonymous –   – (Tuesday, March 20, 2007)  

A lovely bubbly genuine person in every respect - very sadly missed by her colleagues and I'm sure her close friends and family must be devastated by the sad news - she will be sadly missed -

Anonymous –   – (Tuesday, March 20, 2007)  

How can I express the sadness I feel at the tragic loss of our dear Tina, its impossible. She was like a ray of sunshire on a grey day. I worked with Tina at our Chingford Office and afterwards shared some very enjoyable meals with her socially. We always ended up laughing. She will be very sadly missed. My condolences go out to her Dad who must be devastated and all her many friends.

Anonymous –   – (Wednesday, March 21, 2007)  

A great person lost her life too soon. She will be missed and forever stay in our hearts.

My condolences to her family and friends.

Anonymous –   – (Thursday, March 22, 2007)  

We were very shocked to read of Tina's tragic death. I first met Tina way back in the '80's on Symi, probably at Vapori in the days of Tassos. She really was a very genuine person who loved Symi and the Symiot people, had a great sense of fun and lived life to the full.
Our condolences go to her family, her godchildren on Symi and all her friends.
Clearly from the messages posted here she will be sorely missed by all who had the privilege to have known her.
Andrew and Carol

Anonymous –   – (Tuesday, March 27, 2007)  

I trained with Tina as a solicitor in Lawfords- I will always remember her support and warmth in my apprenticeship as well as her sense of fun. She was always incredibly generous with her time for people and I can only imagine what a loss she will be for her friends and family. While I have not seen her in a few years she would be in my thoughts at times and will remain so.

Anonymous –   – (Tuesday, March 27, 2007)  

Everyone was devastated and shocked to hear of the tragic news about this lovely lady. She brightened the lives of everyone around her and saw the positive viewpoint on everything. I was privileged to have worked and socialised with her and like everybody who knew her, will miss her greatly.

Anonymous –   – (Tuesday, April 03, 2007)  

Tina was a godmother of mine, and a person who always kept my best interest at heart. Although she lives in England, and I in America, she was still able to show how much she cared for me- whichever way she was able to. I will cherish the letters, videos, emails, and pictures she has sent to me over the years and look upon them as a way to remember what an amazing person she was. I will greatly miss her, and although she is not here with us anymore, will always look at her as my hero and somebody who I want to grow up to be just life. She will forever remain in my heart as a person who had a great effect on my life.

Anonymous –   – (Wednesday, April 04, 2007)  

I remember Tina fondly from years of shared Greek classes in London and from meeting up with her several times in Symi. She was one of the most generous, kind and fun people I have met and her early death is very sad. My condolences to her family and friends.

Janet Budd

Anonymous –   – (Wednesday, April 11, 2007)  

Tina's personality was larger than life and she will be missed by many. I'm sure many who knew her have her music compliations - listening to them will bring back good memories.

Karen  – (Friday, April 13, 2007)  

Totally shocked and deeply saddened to hear of the tragic death of Tina. Whilst we had not seen each other for some time, I remember the great times we had when we were young. She was always kind and generous with a great personality. I will never forget her.

Anonymous –   – (Friday, February 01, 2008)  

I was utterly shocked to find out about Tina's death at a social gathering recently. Tina and I were very close at one point in our lives and she was the most caring and supportive person around. Talk about the good dying young! I've shed a tear for her and her family and I hope her spirit gently glides around the Island of Symi to keep an eye on her godchildren. God Bless.

Anonymous –   – (Monday, January 19, 2009)  

i miss tina

Marlene Eccles –   – (Wednesday, March 24, 2010)  

Shocked and saddened to hear of Tina's death. Was her secretary for many years at Lawfords. Had such good times together, always generous and funny. Lost touch for many years but thought about her often. Always remembered.

Anonymous –   – (Monday, January 28, 2013)  

I may have lived in Ireland and been only 7 when she died but she will always be the most amazing,irreplacable Godmother. I was very lucky and privelaged to have Tina as my Godmother and I will absolutely love her forever. I will never forget the happy times I enjoyed with her when she came to stay at our house. I will never get over this tragedy and I love her so much. Rest In Peace Tina. XxxxxxX

Anonymous –   – (Tuesday, February 11, 2014)  

I stil miss tina

Anonymous –   – (Thursday, July 16, 2015)  

I still think of tina

Tina's Uncle –   – (Sunday, November 22, 2015)  

It's with sadness that I wish to record the death of Tina's father, my brother, Ronald Smithson who died on 20th November 2015 at the Royal Bournemouth Hospital, Dorset, England.

Tina was a great loss to him and he never really got over the shock of her untimely death.

John Smithson.

Sarah  – (Tuesday, December 08, 2015)  

miss her more than ever today.x

Sarah  – (Tuesday, December 08, 2015)  

Miss Tina more than ever today.xx

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