A Stormy Day on Symi

It is a stormy day on Symi and there are gale warnings in force in the Ionian and the Aegean. The whole country is experiencing wintry weather in all its various forms and it is certainly a lot pleasanter indoors than out. The view from my office window today is the grey scene in the accompanying photograph. There’s a huddle of people and cars on the quay below the balcony, waiting for the Proteus to come in. Another big black squall is rolling down the harbour, tossing cardboard boxes high in the sky and sending the gulls squawking.

New Year was cold but clear and we celebrated by having a garden party and a bonfire. The clouds started to glide in last night and this morning we awoke to the plink of rain on the roof and the creak of the wind in the almond trees. On the whole it has been an exceptionally dry winter so any rain in whatever form is welcome. It is full moon tonight but I don’t think we will be seeing much of it.

At this stage it looks as though it will be clear for the Epiphany celebrations on 6 January. An important consideration given that various hardy souls have to go for a swim in the harbour.

Have a good week.


Unknown  – (Thursday, January 04, 2007)  

I've been reading your pages for a whole year now and just want to wish you Happy New Year. We have never yet managed to get to Symi but this year who knows, maybe this will be the one?

Best Wishes.

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