Municipal Election Results 2006

Lefteris Papakalodoukas won by a secure majority of at least 459 votes. At time of writing two ballot papers are still in question and this will be the determining factor as to whether his team will have 8 or 10 members on the town council. These will be chosen from the lists below. A minimum of 120 votes is required for a seat on the council so in principle none of the three foreign candidates qualifies.

Here is the list of results, starting with the winning team of Lefteris Papakalodoukas:

1. Ilias Haskas 281 votes
2. Tsambikos Xanthos 209 votes
3. Eleni Kritikou 198 votes
4. Michael ‘Max’ Ramos 175 votes
5. Panormitis Moskiou 168 votes
6. Constantinos Yiallourakis 165 votes
7. Socratis Maroulis 140 votes
8. Stelios Smyrankis 138 votes
9. Michael Mastrogiannakis 124 votes
10. Lemonia Tsirimona 121 votes
11. Eleftherios Stefanou 120 votes
12. Michael Tsavaris 117 votes
13. Evangelia Petridis 101 votes
14. Dimitris Markoutsas 94 votes
15. Eleftherios Patatakou 91 votes
16. John Tsakkiris 90 votes
17. John Makropoulos 83 votes
18. Francesca Magno 57 votes
19. George Constantinides 48 votes
20. Jean Manship 19 votes

The Opposition Team of Agapitos Antoniadis:

1. Chariklea Androutsopoulou 202 votes
2. Anna Loupi 171 votes
3. Merkouris Moskovis 162 votes
4. John Megaloudis 151 votes
5. George Diasinos 146 votes.
6. Philip Dermitzakis 137 votes
7. Constantine Zouroudis 130 votes
8. Despina Nikolettou 105 votes.
9. Stiliani Zervou 90 votes
10. Maria Polichronaki 86 votes
11. Angelos Michaelou 77 votes
12. Irini Koti 61 votes
13. Maria Tsavaris 61 votes
14. Michael Foundourakis 55 votes
15. Alex Leventeris 53 votes
16. Claire Ackland Zouroudis 50 votes
17. Michael Kladakis 49 votes
18. George Miglis 45 votes
19. Michael Missos 29 votes
20. Argiro Kipriotis 25 votes

Alex  – (Wednesday, January 07, 2015)  

Good day.
Is there a way i could contact Michael Missos?

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