The joys of hot summer nights

Symi report 21 august 06

Greece continues to simmer and sizzle and Symi, the windless island, is one of the hottest places in the country at the moment. It was 45 degrees at midday in my shadehouses yesterday.

Sleeping out beneath a canopy of stars is one of the joys of hot summer nights. Nature takes a break in the heat of the day so the night is punctuated by the murmuring tinkle of sheep bells as the neighbours’ flocks graze on the terraces around us. Owls come out to hunt the rats nibbling in the almond trees and shooting stars traverse the heavens. Every so often there’s a squawk from the hen coop – they sleep on the roof with their wings outstretched for coolth and every once in a while someone gets bumped off the end and wakes up in an indignant flurry. The hens have shed most of their feathers to keep cool and so far we haven’t had any casualties to heat stroke this year.

Electronics and electrical appliances are playing up in the heat and our office telephones have gone mad again. Anyone trying to contact us is requested to please email as the phones have a mind of their own at the moment and alternate between all ringing in unison or not at all!

Have a good week.


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